Wednesday, July 17, 2013

DIY Lens Reversal for Very Large Image Magnification

photoMacrography vs photoMicrography
photoMacrography is extremely close-up photography in which the captured image on the film or sensor (such as CCD in digital camera)  is as large as the real life size, or larger up to 10x. While photoMicrography is taking pictures with eyepiece projection of a microscope for a very large magnification, normally between 10x to 1000x.

Holunder pollen grain magnified by approx 1000x

Beyond that is the realm of  Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) for up to 200,000x magnification and Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) for magnification exceeding 1,000,000x ! 

Standard Macro Lens
Most 35mm & 50mm 'standard' macro lenses when attached directly to the SLR/dSLR will only produce between 1:4 (0.25x) to 1:1 (1x) magnification.


Lens Reversal Technique
For larger magnifications, the lens must be reversed in addition to barrel extension (or bellow) in order to focus extremely close to the object. Special adapter + extension tube (or bellow) can be bought but very expensive. There are also Low-cost photoMacrography Gadgets.

For lens reversal technique I  prefer DIY by using T-barrel [about 3" long] of an old super telephoto lens....  


... the barrel comes c/w T-ring mounting flange and a matching 52mm male thread on the other end  just perfectly right to be screwed into filter thread on the front end of the lens.



the result is.. 8x magnification

compare with maximum magnification with a standard macro lens w/o reversal

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