Sunday, July 21, 2013

a-Focal-Photography Gadgets

Afocal-photography or afocal-projection is a method of photography with a camera (with its lens attached) mounted over the eyepiece of an optical telescope for very large magnification imaging - even larger than images produced with the most powerful consumer super telephoto lenses!

Image with Lumix LX-3 camera. Distance about 50 feet from the gate.

Image using the same camera from the same spot through a telescope eyepiece!!

Afocal-Photography is widely used by birdwatchers, naturePhotographers and astroPhotographers. In the birdwatching community it is called “digiscoping”. Birdwatchers and naturePhotographers use compact digital cameras afocally with a spotting scope or monocular.

The following are ways of how I do afocal-projection progressively using my Lumix LX-3 with a refractive telescope.

1. Simplest Method is by holding the camera and point its lens over the eyepiece without any attachment!.
afocal 1

Picture taken using this simple "hold-and-click" technique...
moon shot - handheld Lumix LX-3 over telescope eyepiece
(original frame, no crop image of moon on day12 taken with Lumix LX-3  + 560mm fl refractive telescope + 8mm-24mm zoom eyepiece @8mm)

2. Hand-free Method by placing the camera atop the eyepiece. Lens-hood or filter adapter is used to prevent the camera from slipping and falling off. This method is suitable for large diameter zoom-eyepiece.
afocal 2

Picture taken using this technique... afocal using Lumix LX-3

3. Using a Universal Holder to hold and align the camera.
Very 'clumsy' gadget indeed. Avoid this by all means. Click HERE to see whot izit.

4. Using an eyepiece 'clamping' adapter but not suitable for zoom eyepiece.

5. Using 'pro' Gadget - seals and protects the whole system from environmental/weather elements, such as dust, rain, etc.. (not suitable for zoom eyepiece).

afocal 5

afocal 5a