Monday, September 2, 2013

Legacy Lens and Reversal Technique

I've grown up in photography realm with 50mm standard lenses on 35mm film SLRs for almost a decade before start looking for wide angle, telephoto and zoom lenses.

Even today many photo enthusiasts still use Olympus 50mm OM lens on digital SLR's from various camera makers. It is solidly built and probably the best lens I've ever owned/used and I've felt like a technical salesperson for it ever since as I always telling people how sharp, compact and versatile this little gem is. Click on to find out how good it is? 

 ... it is so good, even Olympus doesn't make lens like it any more! 

Now I have one more reason to recommend it. If I mount this lens in reverse on a dSLR,  i.e. flip it around backwards (using T-Ring and 42mm-49mm male-to-male coupler)...

with this assembly the lens can be mounted from either end for different applications

... I can now get a fun way to experiment with macro photography for magnifications larger than 1:1  i.e capturing images of object smaller than 1.73cm x 1.3cm full frame on the 4-thirds CCD (equivalent to >2x magnifications on 35mm image sensors!)

By mounting extension tubes between the lens and the dSLR camera body even larger magnification is possible...

Generic reversal adapters are available @eBay from less than RM6.00 (US$1.75) to be used with any lens that everyone can take decent macro pictures as shown above. Click HERE to choose adapters for different types of camera mount - practically any lens marque can be used on any camera brand to create stunning macro images w/o robbing a bank!

NOW SHOWING ... Macro Slide Show 

Nonetheless, let me say that if any1 want to get serious about macro photography like a pro this isn't the best solution. There are good reasons that special macro lenses are engineered specifically with that type of photography in mind.

The downside is of coarse, those specialized lenses come with a huge price. I'm not kidding but if you are serious about professional image quality better take a peek HERE! ... ada berani ka?