Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Afocal Projection Video Shooting

myFirst Afocal Projection Video Shooting Attempt
Never shot any vdo using Afocal Projection technique before. In fact this is my very first attempt at vdo-Digiscoping. 

There are several species of regular visiting birds in nearby reserved bushes. So I rushed off to the 'observatory' above my backyard @Lot5 and started "blasting away". 

This was the crude result... a beautiful pair of spotted dove.

Didn't know exactly whether what I did was the correct method when I point the old compact digital camera directly onto the refractive telescope eyepiece without any adapter or attachment. It was windy and hazy but what an exciting day it was! Unforgettable. I had never taken vdo of birds before.


Technically these vdo's are garbage, but I don't care, because it's a day I will always member which had changed my photo- and vdo-graphy forever...

A very crude way of Afocal projection technique by simply  placing a basic compact digi-camera directly onto the eyepiece without using any adapter or attachment...

Afocal Projection using T2 tube and adapter
Now I have basic but proper gadgets for Afocal Projection - T2 adapter for better video/picture taking using Afocal Projection technique with refractive telescope&Lumix LX-3 combination.

afocal 5a

The picture below was shot from my backyard "observatory" with a compact digital camera zoomed to 60mm (efl)...


By using the same camera setting and applying Afocal Projection technique with a 20mm eyepiece attached to a 540mm fl OTA the view could be optically zoomed in to 28x (to the area in the yellow rectangle in the picture above) for the video shown below...

(equivalent to 1680mm  Super Telephoto Lens on full frame 35mm format)

click HERE for more Abhab's basic Afocal Video shots

Beyond Basic Digiscoping
Now I'm seriously thinking of getting the right Spotting Scope similar to Celestron Regal M2 Series, if not Swarovski ATX/STX-series...