Friday, March 18, 2016


Having a super wide angle or a near fisheye lens is every photographer's dream but using it everyday, or even once a month is a very unlikely affair.

Fisheye lenses are not cheap due to their complexity and in limited production. Not the best lens to keep and let fungus grow on it. But if you know a little bit on basic optics you can 'create' one... I mean almost.

I've a decent compact digital camera, Lumix LX-3 with a Leica made wide angle zoom lens equivalent to 24mm-60mm f2.0/2.8 wrt 35mm full frame camera but at times I feel it is still not wide enough. Theoretically by placing any concave lens in front will increase the image sensor "field of view". Fortunately I could salvage a coated concave lens from an old malfunction Hi-8 VDOcam.

 What I need to buy is only a 52mm extended filter adapter from eBay.

I used double sided tape around the filter thread to stick the concave lens in front of  the adapter  as shown below..


The result... boleh laaah!

compare it with the picture taken with 24mm efl lens (w/o the DIY fisheye "adapter")...

Click for Fisheye Images taken with Professional lenses...